Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

GROUP WORKOUT:  One hour daily challenge small group setting. Consists of warm-up, varied workout, cool-down, and mobility.

FUNDAMENTALS COURSE:   Introduction to the fundamentals and basic movements. Consists of warm-up, focus on proper movement and mobility, followed by an intro style workout and cool down. This course is designed for someone that is new to CrossFit and possibly fitness in general. Its primary focus is on the 9 foundational movements of CrossFit. This is essential for progression and efficiency in in all aspects of our fitness program. This course is offered at a reduced monthly rate. At the end of the month, the athlete and the coaches will assess whether or not you are ready to progress to regular classes or continue to work on your skills. 

FUNCTIONAL FEMALE:  Functional movement and mobility for expecting mothers, full time moms, and every day Jane looking to improve their fitness and crush goals. Consists of warm-up and foundational movement fundamentals, varied workout, cool-down, and mobility.  *Bring the little ones! (Kids Corner Available)

LUNCH RUSH:  Perform daily challenge.  *Optional 30 minute classes!

OPEN GYM:  Work on skills or perform the daily challenge at your own pace with the help of a coach.

WEEKEND WARRIOR WOD:  Group Challenge, Partner WOD, or Hero WOD

  • Hours & Info

    5:30am: Group Session
    6:30am: Group Session
    9:30am: Group Session
    11:00am: Group Session
    12:00pm: Group Session
    3:30pm: Open Gym *appt. only
    4:30pm: Group Session
    5:30pm: Group Session
    6:30pm: Group Session
    7:30pm: Group Session

    11:00am: Group Session
    4:00pm: Group Session

    2:00pm-4:00pm Open Gym
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