What is Cross Fit?

What is CrossFit?

What Is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a regiment of Constantly Varied (CV), Functional Movements (FM), performed at High Intensity (HI) in a community environment which leads to health and fitness.

What is CF Assimilation?


/e’sime, lat/


1. take in (information, ideas, or culture) and understand fully.

absorb and integrate (people, ideas or culture) into a wider society or culture.

cause (something) to resemble; liken. come to liken

       At least that is what the Dictionary says. We say it is a place open to all who seek constant self improvement; For people who want to become part of something that is greater than themselves. This is a place where you can learn the skills, gain the knowledge, and have the ability to create a whole, healthy, and functional life. Learn skills by completing task challenges, as an individual or a group, with like minded individuals with the support of a community.

Our Promise to You:

  • You will learn, teach, achieve, thrive, and grow as a healthy functionally fit human.

  • We will push you harder and farther than ever before.

  • You will have functional fitness to enjoy an active lifestyle.

We design our workouts using the most progressive and tested techniques, movements, and methods available. Designed at our gym by our trainers for you, the clientele. We want you to gain health and strength. The byproduct of which is a physic of which you never thought possible.

WARNING: This is not a magic program! It is an analogy of life: What you put into your body (fuel) and how you move (exercise) is how your body changes. We will give you the motivation and the information. You have to do the work. We will show you the door but you have to open it and walk through!

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  • Hours & Info

    5:30am: Group Session
    6:30am: Group Session
    9:30am: Group Session
    11:00am: Group Session
    12:00pm: Group Session
    3:30pm: Open Gym *appt. only
    4:30pm: Group Session
    5:30pm: Group Session
    6:30pm: Group Session
    7:30pm: Group Session

    11:00am: Group Session
    4:00pm: Group Session

    2:00pm-4:00pm Open Gym
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    CrossFit Journal: The Performance-Based Lifestyle Resource

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